Become an Investor

  • You are not within Investment Synchronous Trading yet? Anyone who has an interest to invest in the financial markets may join Investment Synchronous Trading.

    To take advantage of Investment Synchronous Trading, follow these easy steps:

  • For new clients

    You need to open a TeleTrade MT4 standard type trading account first.

  • For existing clients

  • Please note:

    • Investment Synchronous Trading is available only for standard MT4 accounts. If you have any other type of account, you can open a new standard type trading account or apply to transfer your existing trading account to a standard type via your Personal Page.
    • Investment Synchronous Trading is not a trust management service: a Master Trader does not manage your money. When you link your Investment account to a Master Account, some of your money will be allocated to copy trading.
    • Any interference in a copied transaction (T/P, S/L change, partial close etc.) immediately disables the Master Trader’s control over it and you will then have to manage the transaction. Should the Master Trader decide to close it or change parameters, this will not affect your account. If you close the transaction manually with a profit, you are still obliged to pay commission.

      This instance will only happen with this transaction; all others will follow standard procedures.


    Copy cancellation from Master account or Investment account status change has some specifics which Investment account holders needs to know. After disconnection the new Master account trades are no longer copied to the Investment account. At the same time, in case there are any open trades copied from this Master account they will not be closed automatically.

    Master account copy cancellation

    Before or after copy cancellation from a specific Master account, Investment account holder can take the following steps:

    • set stop loss/take profits levels by yourself in MetaTrader trading terminal (not Personal Page) for all open positions;
    • close manually open positions in MetaTrader;
    • take no further action – in this case positions will stay under Master control and will be closed simultaneously with Master closing.

    Unless all the positions from this specific Master account are closed, no reconnection of this Investment account to this Master account is possible. Final commission calculation between Investment and Master accounts will also take place after all copied open trades are closed.

    To cancel copying trades, simply visit the Investment Synchronous Trading section on your Personal Page and select ‘Cancel’. If the link between you and a Master Trader is deleted, you will be liable for all open (copied) trades.

    View our Trading conditions and restrictions in full.

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