Become a Master Trader

Do you successfully trade Forex? Then why not earn even more by becoming a Master Trader and sharing your expertise and knowledge with other traders?

To become a Master Trader, simply register your Master Account in seconds and earn additional income for your successful trades. There's no need to make large investments or do anything other than just trade. The more Investment Account holders who copy your strategies, the greater the commission you stand to gain.

How Master Trading works

As a Master Trader, you receive a commission fee for any trading profits copied and executed by Investment Traders. Simply specify the size of your commission fee when registering. Accumulated commission fees are automatically credited to your Master Account on a weekly basis.

Half of the commission set will be received by the Master as a performance fee, while the other half will be charged as an administration fee.

For example, let's assume that you have specified a 20% commission fee on profitable trades and that you achieved a €1200 profit on a transaction. If an Investor Account linked to your Master Account makes an €800 profit based on your transaction, the 20% commission set would be €160. However, 50% of the €160 amount will be charged as an administration fee. The other 50% which is €80 will be credited to your account as a performance fee. This will increase your profit from €1200 to €1280.

The maximum commission size may not exceed 35% (Master’s commission and administration fee).

Please note: All remuneration calculations take place on a weekly basis. If the total net result per week is negative, no remuneration will be paid.

How to register your Master Account

Any client with a MT4 standard type trading account can apply to become a Master Trader.

You just need to register your trading account as a Master Account by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit your Personal Page and choose Register Master Account

  2. Read the registration requirements and legal documentation

  3. Select your commission fee

  4. Start trading

If you are not a client of ours, please open a standard type MT4 trading account and demonstrate a successful trading history so that we can consider your application.

Please note: Investment Synchronous Trading is only available for standard MT4 accounts. If you have another type of account, you can open a new standard type trading account or apply to transfer your existing trading account to a standard type via your Personal Page.

Master account status cancellation

Master account status cancellation is possible only in case there are no open positions on the Master account.

When canceling the Master Account status, all linked Investment accounts will be automatically unlinked and receive notification through terminal mailbox. However they will not be automatically linked to the Master account if the Master account holder will later once again become a Master account holder. Therefore, he will need to attract Investment account holders from scratch.

Terms and conditions for Master Account Ratings

Before we can add your Master Account to our Master Account Ratings, we will check it accordingly:

  • A new Master Account will only appear in our ratings table for the trading period declared at the time of registration, starting from the initial date till the date of registration most transaction were secured with S/L The number of active trading days should be not less than 10.
  • For Master Accounts already in our Ratings, there are strict rules. To remain in our ratings, a Master Trader should secure all transactions with S/L before rollover, otherwise the account will be removed and blacklisted. This requirement also applies to locked positions.
  • The number of active trading days (at least one closed trade per day) must amount to one of the following:
    • no less than 5 during the last 30 days
    • no less than 10 during the last 60 days
    • no less than 15 during the last 90 days.

View our Trading conditions and restrictions in full.

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